Hurunui Trails

Hurunui Trails

Our vision:  A network of walking and cycling trails throughout the Hurunui District.


What is the Hurunui Trails Trust

The Hurunui Trails Trust is the initiative of a group of enthusiasts with a passion for developing a series of walking and cycling trails throughout the Hurunui District.  

The Hurunui Trails Trust was registered with the Charities Commission in April 2009. 

The Trust’s vision involves providing a coordinated approach to the development of cycling and walking trails throughout the region to take advantage of the growing interest in these activities for recreation.

In a governance role, the Trust enables projects that will enhance and expand cycling and walking trails, as outlined in its /files/HTT%20Strategic%20Plan%202017%202020%20final(1).pdf.

The photo to the right shows Trust members researching a new route!

We need your support

The trail surfaces are suitable for mountain bikes and are of variable quality. They are a work in progress ~ for bigger and better trails, please donate at the collection spots along the trails or online at our Westpac account 03 1582 0089352 00.

Please send us your details so we can acknowledge your donation. Thank you!



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